Why This Book?

I am an artist. A writer. A parent.
My kids are 5 and 1 as of this writing. In the last five years, I’ve heard countless parents tell me they feel inadequate when it comes to providing art experiences for their children. They don’t feel creative. They don’t like the mess. They don’t feel like they have all the right materials.
They see me making art with my kids on a somewhat regular basis and think I must possess some special magic they can’t possibly replicate. They think my kids must love making art. They think I like having paint and markers strewn all over the house. (Okay, maybe not).
But I don’t have a magic wand.
I wrestle with all the same things you do. I get overwhelmed by the mess, I struggle to find space and time, I have two very different kids with very different abilities and interest levels. But I’ve found tools that help me muddle through it. And I love having a piece of art to display in my home that reminds me of that time we spent together. The spark of joy that spreads across my son’s face when he makes something he’s proud of, especially after a struggle, is priceless.
I want to share what I’ve learned with you. It would make me so happy to see parents enjoying art time with their kids.

You already possess the tools to give your children rich art experiences that are also stress-free for you.

I want you to feel confident about your ability to provide a creative atmosphere for your child without feeling like you need fancy materials, complicated projects, or grand ideas.
That’s why I’m writing this book.
I’m writing it for you.
Because you can do this.
You are enough.
You already have what you need. I can help you find it.